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Our Story

Rafa Bottle Introduction from Rafa Bottle on Vimeo.


The world's population continues to steadily increase.  At the same time, it seems we're as reckless with the environment as ever before. That really bothered us and we wanted to contribute to a solution.  

So we created Rafa. Our mission is to envision, design, and create beautiful products that help people lead healthier lives, while at the same time reducing their impact on the environment. We believe living clean is contagious and that doing what's best for your body is often consistent with what's best for the planet.   

We were really frustrated with single-use glass and plastic packaging. We set our sights on creating a reusable glass drinking bottle, and spent the last year and a half working towards this goal. During the process, we had an "aha moment" on how to improve our product. Why not design an amazing protective sleeve and lid for a glass bottle that's already widely available?!

Immediately we knew we should use the VOSS bottle for this. Their glass bottles have an incredible, modern design and a cult following. Unfortunately they only get used once and then are either thrown away or downcycled. We set out to change this by creating an aftermarket lid and protective sleeve.  

So our very first product to market was the Rafa Vossanova. We created a strong, BPA-free lid with a carrying loop and a silicone sleeve to protect the bottle. For $14.99 you can now assemble an amazingly-designed, brand-name bottle. Other designer brands charge up to $45 for a glass or steel bottle this large. Perhaps with all the money you're saving you'll buy some more for your friends and family!

Thanks again for your interest in Rafa. Please click here to get your Rafa Vossanova now. 

Julie, Corbin, Tyler, Lucy & Alex