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Vossanova Sleeve and Lid - Sriracha & Black

$ 14.99

**VOSS water bottle sold separately.

We were sick and tired of single-use plastic and glass packaging, so we set out to create a better alternative. During the process, it hit us. Why not create a protective sleeve and reusable lid for a glass bottle that's already widely available. We immediately thought of VOSS' beautiful and wildly popular glass bottles.  Our sleeve and lid are both compatible with the VOSS 800 milliliter glass bottle.

The sleeve is constructed of high-grade silicone and provides protection from some knocks that would otherwise shatter the bottle.  The front features our embossed logo and the back has windows so you can see what you’re drinking. The lid is BPA-free and features a loop for easy carrying and a silicone gasket for a water-tight seal.

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